Functionalization of surfaces by FLSP

Utilizing femtosecond laser surface processing (FLSP) the LaSER Lab functionalizes metallic surfaces for a wide range of applications. One property that can be controlled through FLSP is the wetting property of a surface. The LaSER Lab has demonstrated fine control over wetting properties with processed surfaces that range from superhydrophobic to superhydrophilic and any degree in between.

Superhydrophilic SS304
Superhydrophobic copper clad sniper bullet

Plastron around superhydrophobic SS304

Plastron around superhydrophobic copper clad sniper bullet

The LaSER Lab produces surface functionalization on metals, tailored to a range of applications, by controlling the morphology of the surface structures at the micro- and nano-scales along with the chemistry of the surface. By controlling FLSP parameters, such as fluence and pulse count, a range of unique structures will self-organize on the surface and the final size and shape of the structures can be finely controlled.